About Game

THE PRINCE is back! Join him in this Visual Extravaganza as he RUNS, JUMPS and SLIDES his way through an infinite loop of dimensions, trying to escape the chaos of the Time Vortex in this quest of Epic Proportions!
Get your pulse racing as you collect orbs, dodge obstacles, and run on walls with incredible acrobatic ease. In this endless expedition into the unknown depths of time, save yourself from the traps with the ability to rewind time.
Complete MISSIONS to JOURNEY THROUGH THE TIME SPIRAL and discover its mysterious secrets!

– Whirlwind FAST SWIPE ACROBATICS! Wall runs, gaps and an exclusive first-hand REWIND BUTTON to turn back time!- Unlock your FAVORITE CHARACTERS from the Prince of Persia Universe and unleash their powers. Start with the Prince, then the Savior, The Magus, The Princess and more!

– Run through ICONIC DIMENSIONS including Market Street, the Caspian Forests and the Lut Desert. They are full of mysteries and tricky obstacles! Watch out for more as you progress through the game.

– Unlock and upgrade EXCITING POWER-UPS to help you run further. Whether you need a head start, or a magnet to attract all the orbs, a score multiplier/boosters or a shield to protect you, the whole caboodle is in there.

– Collect Artifacts to complete the DAILY CHALLENGE and score more!

– CHALLENGE and play with your FRIENDS, see how far they reached and compete with them!

The game is soft launched in the New Zealand region on app store and coming soon worldwide.

My Role

Game concepts and Prototypes :

Price of Persia : Time Run is proposed as casual runner game to aquire mobile runner market. I was part of  core team of developer ( 4 programmer, 2 designer, 1 Art director, 1 producer ) to come with game’s proof of concept. As part of the game conception phase, We cretaed various game play features which will go with runner game like cinematic run event, Tap and Kill combat during run, Quick time events during run, Chase mode with AI.

Main Character Animation and State System :

After approval from the and Game production, I was responsible for handling the main character’s animations system. The major challenge here was creating responsive character animation with the smooth transition between different states.

Co-Ordinating with Engine development team

Game engine we used is in development in a engine. I was responsible for communicating and co-ordinating with engine team for the game-critical systems inside the engine.

Time Manipulation System

 The major pillar / USP of the Prince of Persia: Time Run is the time manipulation system where user can slower, faster or REWIND time to solve different puzzle and challenges. I was responsible for the integrating the time manipulation system inside the game for different systems like animation, cinematic events, tutorials and particle.

Tools and VFX

Created custom particle tool for the artist to create and modify the particle and vfx easing fast iteration in particle and vfx creation.

Tools and Technology

Game engine – Internal text based engine:

Used Ubisoft proprietary game engine for developing mobile game. Game engine is in early development phase.

Scripting :

Most of the gameplay code and engine code is written in the Lua language.


Used Sublime text editor for writing the code and game engine text based editor for debugging the code.

Repository and Versioning – Perforce:

Used perforce tools for the versioning and repository

Agile Process

  • Used agile development cycle, tested and debugged app.
  • Used confluence for design and documentation.
  • Used Jira for bug base and task tracking.

Day out with team